HSI Energy employs an ASME PCC I qualified team of engineers, quality experts, and inspectors designed to save your organization time and money while mitigating risk.

Improving Quality Assurance Standards

HSI Energy stays constantly involved with the sub-committees writing the standards by attending their meetings and specialty conferences. Our representatives act as both participant and contributor for standards pressure boundary bolted flange joints, for both assembly and disassembly. Our contributions seek to improve the entire scope of work for proper planning, training, design, preparation, installation, assembly and disassembly.

The ultimate goal is safe and efficient operation resulting in leak-free startups.

We keep you in compliance.

Contact Hudson Services for solutions, experience, and safety.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Oil & Gas Operators

HSI works with companies in the energy sector to verify proper procedures for all bolted joint assemblies. Our team is put on-site to ensure that projects adhere to proper design criteria and industry standards to avoid safety issues. We work with your management team to reduce unplanned downtime, increase financial gain, and mitigate overall risk. “Cradle-to-Grave” is how we explain our QA/QC service.

We understand that the potential for failure increases as your job site is occupied by different crews from different vendors. Hiring HSI puts ASME PCC-1 qualified teams on-site to provide QA/QC services for all work crews.

Here are just a few of our standard QA/QC processes we follow:

  • verify the inventory of bolts (type, size, amount, etc…)
  • provide a torque package with specifications for specific flanges
  • identify inaccurate documentation
  • identify cracked gaskets that have been over-torqued or installed using an incorrect procedure

Our extensive oversight removes the responsibility from the client onto our ASME PCC-1 qualified team of technicians.